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Post by Billiejo Admin on Sun Feb 28, 2016 11:14 am

Well I am so happy I could make a place like this!

I am constantly seeing this groups on facebook where people ask for info about working from home and get so many responses!

While this is great it is like a battle a turn off.  Every company comments sometimes more then one person often enough that person gets 10+ inboxes as well which does not make us look good to anyone who is considering it.

So this forum is a nice way of doing it a none pushy none spammy way!

Not only can you find a company here you can also speak to people about your company in your section talk about general networking, Read the do not's list!  Find reading and listening material and general mummy talk.

Please invite friends this website is only for members you need to join!  This is to stop people coming in reading posts and replying with join me every post.

So jump in and have fun!
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