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General Rules

Post by Billiejo Admin on Sun Feb 28, 2016 11:35 am

Here are our general rules for all the website!  Please read as I do not want to have to be banning people and their IP's for not following them!

1) Have fun!  Please no name calling no slandering and no outing businesses for been bad etc.

2)  Do not go into other companies area and poach potentials!  They are there for a reason they read through companies information and choose that company so you will just be making your company look bad.

3) PM's are set to a limit you can only PM a member when you have reached a certain amount of posts! This is to stop anyone coming on and sending out spam PM's with their link or opportunity!

4) Each section has it's own rules please read!

5) Guests can only view the website but can not see any posts except the help and advice section you need to join to see more!

6) No nudity, racism, discrimination or anything similar anyone doing anything that makes the website look bad will be removed and their IP address blocked!

7) Please do not give any information you see on this forum to other people!  It is hidden for a reason!

Cool No Selling Or Recruiting ifless it is in the right sections

Cool IT IS NOT JUST FOR NETWORKING MUMS! Feel free to join if you just network without kids or if you just have kids and don't network!  No one will try force you to join a company or have kids! lol

So jump in have fun!  Please be kind and follow rules because its a one chance thing around here!
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