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Your Personal Profile

Post by Billiejo Admin on Sun Feb 28, 2016 12:13 pm

Here is how to edit your profile and what the different sections are for!

Firstly when you join you will need to edit these parts.

1 Click Profile.

Here you can edit basic information name, website, facebook, dob, where you live and the time you want to change the forum to.  Currently it will be set to London UK time as there is where I am but you can change your website to your time!

Click save and continue to profile.

3) Preferences.  These you will want to change.

You will want BBCODE, HTML, SMILIES On.  If you want a signature (image writing under every post you make )  You want Signature to always show.

Always notify me of a reply you will want off this is it sending a email telling you every time someone replies you a post you have commented on.

Choose the rest of the settings yourself.

Click save and continue to profile.

4) Signature this is what is below every post you make.

You can upload a image from your computer.  By clicking the small image icon with a floppy disk in front.  Click upload choose your picture click open change the image size to 640px at the biggest! Or smaller.  Click host and choose the Image copy and paste it into your signature box.  Not Image Thumbnail, or Image link.

Click save and continue to profile

5) Avatar Choose to upload a picture from your device or choose one from our selection.  We suggest a picture of yourself so people can feel they are connecting with a person.

Click save and continue to profile.

6) Notifications change to the settings you want!

These all need to be done once you join!

The rest are extras.

Friends and foe add people as a friend or foe foe's can not message you or see your own topics!  this is only if you and someone do not get on and it is best if you hide from each other.
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